Multi purpose venue 

7, Court House Square
Downtown Brockville


Located in the heart of Brockville, this updated venue, with two lounges, is perfect for AGM’s, meetings, showers, weddings, specialized classes, parties and concerts.

The Upper Lounge offers a nice view of Court House Square, has carpet floor and a stage.

Its capacity is 120 people cocktail format or 80 people for seated meal.

The Lower Lounge has a bar and a stage.

Its capacity is 100 people cocktail format or 60 people for seated meal.

It is possible to rent the venue with or without a PA system, screen and projector. 
There are 2 private parking spaces in the back of the building and it is possible to use the lot at night, or during weekends.
If desired, we can provide you with the service of an event/wedding planner and DJ.

Contact us for a visit or to book your next event!


You have the option of the Upper Lounge or the Lower Lounge.

You can also rent both!